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ACLU Guide on Voting Rights and Redistricting
NAACP, Mexican American and Asian American Legal Defense Funds Joint Position Paper on Redistricting
The Brennan Center for Justice - New York University Law School - Citizen’s Guide to Redistricting

The Mission of LatinoLines
PRESS RELEASE - LatinoLines Background - May 5, 2011
LatinoLines Letter to the Mayor-June 27, 2011
LatinoLines Letter to City Council President-6-27-11
Jose Oyola - LatinoLines Testimony - Council Hearing on Redistricting
August 16, 2011
PRESS RELEASE - LatinoLines & LatinoJustice-NY Testify at Phila. City Council's 
First Hearing on Redistricting - August 16, 2011

Jose Perez, Esq.- LatinoJustice-PRLDEF Testimony-Council Redistricting Hearing  August 16, 2011
Wynne Alexander - LatinoLines Testimony-Council Hearing on Redistricting
August 16, 2011
2010 Census Figures Nationwide 
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